Upload 2017-12-22: JunoCam Perijove 10 Flyby Movie Stills, Preliminary

(updated 2017-12-24, with scenes 15 to 18, beginning of southern sequence)
(updated 2017-12-25, with scenes 19 to 21, continuing southern sequence)
(updated 2018-01-01, with scenes 22 to 25, portion of 26, continuing southern sequence)

Automated exposure-adjustment of parts of the stills is to be corrected.

Movie MP4

jnc_pj10_HD_v01_prelim10.mp4 Perijove 10 flyby movie, preliminary, 20 MB

Scenes MP4

jnc_pj10_hd_mp4_scenes_preliminary.zip (36 MB)


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