Upload 2016-10-23:
Marble Movie Part 14

"Level 2" AVI, part 14

juno_marble_l2_14.avi (1,759 kB)

Strongly motion enhanced gif animations, with one frame each 10 hours

jnc_mm_p14_05mod20.gif (1,080 kB)
jnc_mm_p14_07mod20.gif (1,078 kB)
jnc_mm_p14_10mod20.gif (681 kB)
The stills of these short gif animations are derived from seven level-1-processed images, each. First a slightly blurred average of the seven images is calcuated; then 0.75-times of this average is subtracted from the fourth of the seven images sequence. The result is multiplied by four. That way the typical banding structure of Jupiter is mostly filtered out, and only variations in longitude are enhanced. The purpose of these sequences is an attempt of tracking the outburst detected on October 19, 2016.

Marble Movie Parts 1 to 14

"Level 2" AVI

MarbleMovie_parts_1_to_14_level2.avi (32,318 kB)

"Level 2" MOV

MarbleMovie_parts_1_to_14_level2.mov (355,341 kB)

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