Upload 2016-09-24:
Marble Movie Parts 1 to 11

Zipped MOV-File

MarbleMovie_parts_1_to_11_level2_mov.zip (123,578 kB)

MOV-File comprising three Marble Movie images near PJ1, each image reprojected 30-times along Juno's trajectory

mable_pre_pj1_c6157_c6159_51_out.mov (9,935 kB)

Terms of Use

The videos are allowed to be treated as being in the public domain. However, crediting the video to "NASA / SwRI / MSSS / ffmpeg / Gerald Eichstädt", appears appropriate. Add your name or data sources to the credit list, whenever you create derived works. Consider the size of the zip file of more than 120 MB, and your according download time and cost. Downloading, viewing, playing, distributing the files, as well as creating derived work is on your own risk.

Access to the Raw Images

Mission Juno, Image Processing, Marble Movie Raw Images